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OAS Playout has now been used very successfully on several UK radio stations notably RSLs and small community stations over the past 10+ years.

The feedback has always been extremely positive notably on the package's ease of use and friendly interface which has found particular appeal amongst the community stations many of which are manned by volunteers with limited radio experience who would otherwise feel daunted by more complex systems.

On this page you can find comments, pictures and links to some of the broadcasters who have used Playout over the past few years.

Hastings Rock are a small RSL (Restricted Service License) which broadcast for in the Hastings area of East Sussex (UK). Most RSL licenses operate for 28 days and the station normally broadcasts for this period every year.

Hastings Rock were the first station to use OAS Playout full time and in addition OAS are also responsible for their entire IT/computer organisation. 2022 marked 20 successful years of the station using OAS Playout, whilst 2023 marked the station's 30th broadcast.

"Playout is user friendly and especially easy to see with large clear icons."

- Nick Apps,
Station Manager
Hastings Rock

Unity 101 FM are one of the new community stations awarded a license from OfCom broadcasting to the Southampton area in Hampshire (UK). They used OAS Playout successfully for two 28 RSL broadcasts in 2003/2004 and were the first station to use the package in earnest on a 24/7 basis. Over this 10 year period, OAS have worked closely with Unity and along with the Playout system have developed a number of customised plugins and utilities to support the needs of the station.

"OAS Playout system is for every one to use, it's so easy to use - we all think it's fantastic and I recommend to all to use, it's community friendly"

- Ram Kalyan "Kelly",
Project & Station Manager
Unity 101Community Radio

Supporting radio in colleges and schools

Through our contacts with Unity 101, OAS Playout has been deployed into a number of local colleges and universities in the Hampshire area including Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, Regents Park Community College and Taunton's College.

The software has also been used during a number of short RSL's run by Bexhill High School, Bexhill in East Sussex broadcasting as "Bexhill FM" and on Radio XL, Bournemouth's Young Station for the Community (RSL). Following on from the success of that broadcast, Radio Kidz - a youth station RSL took to the air in August 2005.

Voice FM is a community radio station which aims to enable volunteers to learn all aspects of radio broadcasting from radio presentation, interview techniques through to production and studio maintenance. The OAS Playout system forms an integral part of the station.

Awaaz Community Radio

Awaaz Community Radio is a community radio station broadcasting to Southampton in the UK. They are an Asian broadcasting station targetting specific communities from India and Pakistan. They have been using OAS Playout successfully since 2009.

24-7 Community Radio are a Poole/Bournemouth based community RSL. They used Playout for their 2003 broadcast under the name Rock 24-7 and have plans for future RSLs and a possible community license bid.


"OAS Playout provides all the features you'd need to get a radio station started from scratch with a user interface that can be picked up in minutes. "

- James Hart (BEng Communications Engineering)- Playout Systems Specialist
Image FM is an unique, truly alternative radio station, broadcasting music, comedy and nonsense on an infrequent basis. Some of the shows have been prepared, and others have been transmitted from the image communications studio.

Image FM @Image Communications, the shows, write ups and info on the broadcasts.

Nov 2002 & Jul 2004 - webcast radio powered by OAS Playout, read the technical write ups.

Trial Broadcasts - test broadcasts using Playout along with thoughts/comments by the author.



A part time internet station, ImageFM is the station which puts a Playout release through it's paces before being made commercially available. The station is one of the many musical & artistic creations to come out of Image Communications which is the showcase of a long standing friend of mine James Hart. James has many years experience working IT in the radio industry initially with the GWR radio group and now with the BBC. His support and insight have helped shape the look and feel of the OAS Playout product and he regularly puts Playout through it's paces in his professional home built studio based in Luton, Beds (UK).

Trial/test broadcasts performed by OAS (here) are also under the banner Image FM and these often occur in tandem with one from Image Communications

Live Webcasts Details on any webcasts you can catch using OAS Playout.


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