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OAS Playout Free Demo Version

You can download a free demo version of OAS Playout for trial and evaluation here by following the instructions below. To use the package you will need:

  • Pentium P100 or better running MS-Windows Vista/7/8/10.
  • 60MB free disk space
  • A collection of music, audio to use with the package in .mp3 format

Limitations of the Free Version

The free version is time limited and will cease to operate after 28 days from initial installation.

The free version is designed to enable the trial of the main application "on air" software - OAS Playout, it does not include the database management software OAS Playout Manager. For more details see the Feature Comparison page.

As such, the freeware version only provides the capability to select tracks from two audio folders - one for 'music' accessible via the Main Players and one for 'jingles' accessible via the Jingle Players (which can also be included in multiple button wall sets). Any MP3 files found in these directories will be made available for playback with the filenames being used to determine Track/Artist names - no further information is available for display with this version.

This effectively precludes the use of playlists, Cue Point generation and some of the more advanced features available with the retail version but should provide enough capability to evaluate the product.

Installation Instructions

Download and install the necessary components listed previously, then click the following link to download the Playout installer. On completion, run the execuatble to install OAS Playout.

Download OAS Playout v4.13, Freeware version

The package includes a startup guide which should provide enough information to quickly get up and running with the evaluation version.

Please direct comments, suggestions to the email address below and check the Development Status Page for information on the latest known bugs and problems.

Evaluate the Full Version

If you like the look and feel of the demo version, a free 2 month evaluation of the full retail variant is now available. Just send an email giving some details about yourself & organization and preferably some feedback and we'll send you a link with download details for the full version. This release will operate identically to the current retail release so you can fully try out all the features the package has to offer.

Playout Express for Linux

We currently have experimental, non-time limited versions of Playout Express for a number of current Debian & Ubuntu distros. Please contact us for more information if you would like to try out one of these versions.


You can also download for free, the MP3 decoding engine used within OAS Playout from the OAS Audio API page.


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