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OAS Playout pricing and
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OAS Playout V4 is now available for download and purchase. You can opt to buy the software outright, opt for one of our cost effective lease versions or try out a version for a limited time period. Read on for more details.

Try out the Full Version for free

If you like the look and feel of the demo version, a free 2 month evaluation of the full variant is now available. Just send an email giving some details about yourself & organization and preferably some feedback and we'll send you a link with download details for the full version. This release will operate identically to the current full release so you can fully try out all the features the package has to offer before making a purchase decision.

Playout Express for Linux

We currently have experimental, non-time limited versions of Playout Express for a number of current Debian & Ubuntu distros. Please contact us for more information if you would like to try out one of these versions.

Buy Online

You can buy OAS Playout retail releases online by clicking the relevent Buy Now button - see below. Online payment is handled through PayPal which requires you to register in order to use the system. Once the payment has been accepted, we will email you a link to the download site.

Express Version

1 software instance
£100 (GB)

You can also download and try out the Express version freely for 14 days before opting to buy the software, please email us for more details.

Full Version

You can either buy outright a license for the Full version of Playout or opt for one of our cost effective, time limited lease versions .

Lease Options

Targetted at UK RSL's who typically provide 1 month (28 day broadcasts) or stations on a reduced budget, this provides a cost effective option of using the latest software release (or chosen previous version) licensed for use for either 6 or 12 months on 2 computers (typical usage 1 'on-air', 1 'off-air' prep). The duration allows for the necessary pre to-air time to prep & load your music into the system

6 month leased license - 2 software instances
£80 (GB)
12 month leased license - 2 software instances
£130 (GB)

For pricing on increased licenses, please get in touch.

Purchase Options

Provides a full unrestricted license for use on a single computer plus free upgrades for the next 2 years. Subsequent same site licenses can be purchased for discounted prices.

Unrestricted - 1 software instance
£250 (GB)
Unrestricted - 2 software instances
£300 (GB)
Additional single, same site license (each)
£80 (GB)
mail for details

Community Radio?

If you're applying for one of the new community radio licenses (in the UK), further cost effective lease versions are available so send an email giving an idea of your requirements (number of licenses etc.) and we'll attempt to come up with a solution that best suites your needs.

In all cases, licensing is flexible to suite different user requirements - please send an email with your details and requirements.

Shared Licenses

The OAS Playout suite is also available using a shared license model. Under this, you can install as many instances of Playout as you like however only a limited number are allowed to be active at any one time. This could (for example) then allow Playout to be installed by all of your presenters, allowing them access from home but without paying for a large number of licenses since only a few will be simultaneously using the software.


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