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Media Sharing

OAS Playout provides the capability to allow a radio station to share its media and database content with other OAS Playout users via the cloud. This can greatly assist in then allowing presenters to broadcast remotely using existing station content.

You can view a short demonstration of this capability by watching the following YouTube clip:

The overall concept is shown in the following diagram.

Content is uploaded to the cloud at the radio station using OAS Playout Manager. This can comprise either subsets of the media, for example a playlist or jingle package. Or it can be used to keep a remote copy of the entire Playout database and audio in sync with the master copy at the radio station. The remote presenters can then download the desired content using OAS Playout Express.

You can find out more in the dedicated OAS Playout Media Sharing Guide (which is also installed with both OAS Playout and OAS Playout Express)


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