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OAS Playout Version 4

OAS Playout v4 is a complete rewrite of the main application, currently under development. The plan is to give it a more modern feel, fully support different screen resolutions and make it more supportable for the future.

It is still very early days however here are some initial screenshots of the new software.

OAS Playout v4 - Windows 7

The major change really affects the button wall - users of Playout v3 will be accustomed to the wall down each side of the players however there was also a third "floating button wall", activated via one of the BW buttons near the category selector. This was primarily introduced in the days where lower screen resolutions were the norm & the button walls down each side wouldn't fit on the display.

For Playout 4, each of the button walls are dockable windows - meaning they can be detached from their default location, resized and even located on another monitor.

Detached button wall

This also allows the main Playout dialogs themselves to expand to take advantage of the additional space that is now available.

The new Playout is also supported on other architectures other than Windows - here it is running on Linux on an LXDE desktop.

OAS Playout v4 - GTK



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