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TwitStick is a very minimal Windows Twitter client. I wanted something small and unobtrusive to sit on my desktop which didn't need an installer or any other third party pre-requisites. I couldn't find anything so I put this together. As such it doesn't require Adobe Air, .NET updates and is written in Win32 C/C++. Enjoy.

Latest Release: v1.3, Dec 2018 - finally add support for 280 characters, fix bug loading proxy username/password

Register OAS TwitStick with Twitter

Before downloading the software you need to enable Twitter to accept updates from Twitstick.

Sign in with Twitter

After signing in, you will be presented with a new page indicating that TwitStick wishes to gain access to your Twitter feed. Choose the Accept option and you will be returned here to download the software. Note: I've sometimes seen Twitter send you back here after registering the app, if you click the Sign in link again it should sort itself out.


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