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The music/MP3 playback system designed for small scale radio stations, check the link to download a free evaluation copy and read up on the development and trials that are happening with this product.
Freely available, the core MP3 decode engine used with OAS Playout. Provides a simple message driven API to give MP3 playback to any Win32 application.
The PCShare Project..... share your PC's peripherals with your old computers, support for Dragon/OS9. DOS, Win3.1 and 32 bit Windows flavours.
Utility to convert C++ style comments to C comments. Reads src from stdin, writes to sdout. Win32 console.
Provides low Inport/Outport ops from 32-bit Win9x/ME apps for Borland C++ compilers. Not needed for MSVC. Will not work under NT/2K/XP or later.
Some 64 bit integer math routines for compilers which do not support a 64 bit integer type.
This is a patched version of the id3lib 3.8.3 Win32 DLL (along with source mods) to better support Unicode conversions.
Simple HTTP client DLL for Win32, includes proxy support - this new version using WinInet for communication.
Win32 Popup messaging for LANs (similar to the old Win3.1 'Win Popup'program). This new version includes roaming user support (list of people running messenger is automatically maintained) and user name look ups on NT domains. Some features require at least one NT/2K/XP machine on the LAN.
Intelligent file copier - copies batches of files according to specific criteria including include/exclude certain file types and incremental copies/update if newer options.
This is a DLL 'wrapper' around the MPEG4IP library providing a multitude of routines for manipulating MP4 encapsulated media.
This is a very minimal Windows Twitter client. Key features are that it doesn't require an installer and is fairly inconspicuous on your desktop. So ideal for work... (Now fully Unicode)

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