PCShare 4.1 for Win9x/NT/2K

Important Notes:

The IO drivers (PCS-IOxx.dll) shipped with versions prior to v4.1 are not compatible with this release. Use the new drivers shipped with this release or consult the Version 4 documentation on how to go about modifying drivers to conform to the interface changes made in 4.1.


The key features of PCShare v4 are:

This product requires a 32-bit release of MS-Windows to operate - Win95,98,NT or 2k. For 16-bit platforms use the v3.2 release.

32 bit Release on Windows NT

The Windows NT variant of the package relies on the addition of a 3rd party shareware device driver in order to access the parallel port hardware. This device driver is available as shareware from http://www.entechtaiwan.com/tools.htm and is called TVICHW32. Once you have downloaded the software, unzip the following components:

Once you have a working version of PCShare, you must purchase the registered version of this software from the above website.

The Windows NT version can also run under Windows 95 by using the VXD described above.

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